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I generally thought roof raking wasn’t actually quite accommodating. Or on the other hand so I thought until several years back. I was viewing a YouTube video about roofs in which the benefactor discussed ice dams. It turns out there is some legitimacy to roof raking – and not in light of the additional weight. Raking off snow forestalls ice dams and the harm they can cause.

Over the long haul notwithstanding, the genuine solution for ice dams is a lot more secure and simpler than raking snow down onto yourself. The genuine fix is better roof ventilation. That is it.

It’s genuinely basic information that ice dams are brought about by heat getting away into a loft and dissolving snow on the roof. The soften water runs down the roof and freezes over the overhang where it isn’t warm snow rake. Ice develops, shaping a dam which holds more dissolve water, and in the end some of it backs up under the shingles and breaks into the house.

What I realized by viewing the video is that regardless of whether you have an all around protected storage room or roof space, ice dams can even now be an issue after a colder time of year storm since snow is a particularly decent separator – about R-0.5 to R-1.0 per inch.

Think about the accompanying:

A roof deck which is over zero can cause liquefying. Notwithstanding the measure of protection introduced, if there’s 24 creeps of snow on the roof, the roof deck is sandwiched between two layers of protection… whatever is introduced beneath, and now another R-18 pretty much, on top of the roof – as snow.

In the event that the temperature distinction among inside and outside is 40 degrees (- 20C outside and +20C inside) at that point the roof deck is likely right in the center, around 0C – at where snow can start to liquefy. The snow is indeed protecting the roof adequately to liquefy itself. Only one out of every odd winter is the equivalent, anyway here in east-focal Ontario we can have snow pretty much consistently for a couple of days, and a few feet of snow on a roof isn’t exceptional.

You can’t depend on protection alone to control ice damming during weighty snow falls. You need to supplement your protecting endeavors with appropriate ventilation – or Australian ski bums with scoops as the YouTube video brought up. Roof rakes be that as it may, cause less harm than ski bums with scoops.

The Bottom Line

Satisfactory overhang ventilation is similarly as significant as having a reasonable number of roof vents. On the off chance that you experience ice damming which isn’t owing to obstructed overhang box or frozen down lines, and you are uncertain whether you have sufficient ventilation, a brisk call to an expert roofing or building temporary worker, or your home controller may be a smart thought.

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